Avoidant Attachment 101

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Are you sick of falling headlong into relationships, only to wind up feeling bored, smothered, or terrified of hurting your partner, just when things are supposed to be getting good?

Here's How Attachment Styles Can Help...


This course is for individuals that struggle with avoidance in push-pull relationships, who are ready to call in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

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  • * You are accustomed to partners demanding too much of you, so you are sensitive to even benign requests.
  • * Historically, generosity has been a form of manipulation, obligating you reciprocate more than you are comfortable giving.
  • * You anticipate being blamed for when things go wrong in a relationship, and may head it off by avoiding too much responsibility or commitment.
  • * You might be described as having a fear of commitment, but often that is only because you take commitment quite seriously, when and if you finally decide to commit to something.
  • * You might be considered aloof or emotionally distant, but when you do feel things, you feel them very intensely (so much, it might scare you).
  • *You may struggle with perfectionism and fears of failure, but act just the opposite so as to avoid appearing too weak or vulnerable.
  • * Deep down, you believe you have to earn love and approval, and so, you are drawn to partners that are “challenging” or “edgy,” that make you work for it.
  • * On the other hand, if a partner gives you love and affection too freely, you find them “boring,” or “too nice” and question your ability to make them happy.
  • * You tend to fall into relationships quickly, but around 3-6 months, its like a light switch flips, and all you can focus on are the flaws in the relationship, and the missed opportunities still out there.
  • * If your partner flirts with someone else or expresses a need for space, you may feel a sense of relief, at first, followed by a need to test them.
  • * You may also struggle with other forms of addiction, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, food addictions, shopping addictions, hoarding, gaming addictions, and so on.
  • * But the hardest thing for the Rolling Stone, is that they usually attract other partners with insecure attachment styles, and so they fall into what’s called the anxious-avoidant trap; a circumstance where you typically find yourself in partnership with someone that is emotionally dependent on you, thus "proving" your pessimistic perspective on love: that it comes at the cost of freedom.

“Briana MacWilliam is the kind of teacher who gets down to the bone where the blood is hot and running. She will never point to a thing when she can show it to you… She knows when to drop the important stuff and she drops it on you form her own experiential core. She does not take you anywhere she is not willing to travel herself. She has a combination of grace and grit that make her a fantastic teacher and a fabulous clinician.” -Alan Pottinger

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1. The definition of avoidant attachment and 5 ways the Rolling Stone keeps love at bay

2. 4 Essential emotional boundaries that take the Rolling Stone from confused to clear, about the line between personal boundaries and conditions of love

3. 2 Types of avoidant attachment and how to know which one you have

4. 3 reasons therapy often doesn’t work for Rolling Stones, and what to look for in a therapist

5. A focus wheel and guided visualization to transform fundamental fears into loving self acceptance


"Briana's videos are always so comprehensive and integrated. I'm so grateful for Briana's work on Anxious/Avoidant Attachment, as this construct has been my default relationship pattern through my twenties. Briana's understanding has helped me reconcile with this, and I feel as though I can make healthier partner selections in the future. Much love!" -Ralph Widdop



1. 60-Page Downloadable Workbook+ Activities and Assignments

2. 10+ Downloadable Audio Lectures + Video Tutorials and Guided Meditation

3. Lifetime access to all course content + A live, Monthly Q & A in the Private Facebook Group


“I am astounded by Briana’s video series on attachment. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations that simply can’t be found anywhere except in her videos…She should have a cable show. The level of clarity provided is beyond anything I’ve seen.” -Jim Lewandowski



If you’re sick of falling headlong into relationships, only to wind up feeling bored, smothered, or terrified of hurting your partner, just click that link and learn how you can start creating a wildly fulfilling love life, in only 5 days, without having to spend a bunch of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy, with no tangible result.


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Briana MacWilliam MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT
Briana MacWilliam MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT

Briana MacWilliam has over 15 years of clinical experience as a creative arts therapist, and is the Founder and Director of CreativeArtsTherapiesOnline.com. She has held two directorial positions in community-based and day-treatment settings, and was a research outcomes coordinator for four years, at the Amen Clinics, Inc.—a brain research and diagnostic facility. She has also edited and co-authored two books on the subjects of attachment and complicated grief, and working with LGBTQ populations. Currently, she offers psychoeducation in self help and personal development through BrianaMacWilliam.com, and continuing education for practitioners through CreativeArtsTherapiesOnline.com. She is also a thesis advisor for Pratt Institute's Creative Arts Therapies Department, and maintains a small private practice.

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