Anxious Attachment 101

5 Days to take the Open Heart from Clingy to Confident


Are you sick of walking on eggshells or chasing after an unattainable partner in your relationships?


This course is for Open Hearted individuals that struggle with anxiety in push-pull relationships, who are ready to start calling in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

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*You are accustomed to a lack of love in your romantic relationships, and fall into people-pleasing mode.

*You tend to give too much, and wait around too long for the reciprocation of loving feelings.

*You take on more than the Lion's Share of the responsibility, guilt, and blame in any relationship, because you think if you are responsible for something going wrong, it must be within your power to fix it.

*You may have critically low self-esteem and struggle with feelings of unworthiness.

*Deep down, you believe you have to earn love and approval, and so, you are drawn to partners that are “challenging” or “edgy,” that make you work for it.

*On the other hand, if a partner gives you love and affection too freely, you find them “boring,” or “too nice.”

*By being over-helpful, you make yourself indispensable to a partner. You think, “If they need me, they won’t leave me.” But this generosity is a double edged sword. Since you have worked so hard to make your partner need you, you always question whether or not they really love you for you…(and you probably struggle with knowing who the “real” you is, too).

*You tend to get lost in the potential of the relationship, rather than the reality of it.

*You may also struggle with other forms of addiction, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, food addictions, shopping addictions, hoarding, gaming addictions, and so on.

*But the hardest thing for the Open Heart, is that they usually attract other partners with insecure attachment styles, and so they fall into what’s called the anxious-avoidant trap; a circumstance where you typically find yourself in partnership with someone that is emotionally unavailable.


"I have spent a lot of time chasing after emotionally unavailable partners, but after this course, I now see what power I have to shift the way I am showing up in love. Plus, the creative exercises are fun, and the lectures are easy to listen to. Highly recommend this course."

— Katie Middleton, 29



1. The definition of anxious attachment and 4 Ways the anxious partner (an "Open Heart") sabotages their relationships

2. 4 Essential emotional boundaries that take the Open Heart from confused to clear, about the line between personal boundaries and conditions of love

3. 2 Types of anxious attachment and how to know which one you have

4. 3 Strengths of the Open Heart and how to use them to strengthen your relationships

5. A focus wheel and guided visualization to transform the fundamental fears of the Open Heart

"My favorite part of this course would be the 4 emotional boundaries lesson, and the lesson on the Open Heart's strengths. It clarified so much for me about how I am sabotaging my relationships, and also showed me how I can start taking action right away. Plus, the monthly live stream Q&A on Facebook is great. Worth every penny."

— Sara Carrozzo, 35



1. 60-Page Downloadable Workbook+ Activities and Assignments

2. 11 Downloadable Audio Lectures + Video Tutorials and Guided Meditation

3. Lifetime access to all course content + A live, Monthly Q&A in the Private Facebook Group




In addition to your course materials, you will also receive a bonus toolkit, including a downloadable workbook, and video tutorials addressing following topics...

* 5 Steps to Locate Anxiety in the Body
* A Mandala to Express 4 Emotional Boundaries
* 3 Steps to Quiet the Inner Critic
* 3 Steps to Create Emotional Safety for Anxious Partners



* 7 Video lectures including guided meditations, movement exercises, and arts-based tutorials

* A 52-Page downloadable workbook with a self assessment, experiential directives, and meditation transcripts

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“I am astounded by Briana’s video series on attachment. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations that simply can’t be found anywhere except in her videos…She should have a cable show. The level of clarity provided is beyond anything I’ve seen.” -Jim Lewandowski




Hi, my name is Briana, and I like burritos. Actually, burritos + a good movie = heaven, in my book. I also love romance novels and campy science fiction shows (anyone else a die-hard Supernatural fan?). I also love being my own boss. Doing what I want to do, when I want to do it. And treating work like play.

My passion for working with attachment wounds and personal development stems from a rocky childhood. As a child of divorce, I bounced back and forth between my parents, across state lines.We lived below the poverty line for much of my young life. In my parents, I had an example of hard work but constant struggle.

I became a high achiever to compensate. It served me well professionally, until my struggles with relationships in adulthood tore down everything I had accomplished.

In adulthood, I experienced roller coaster relationships, and ultimately wound up a divorced, single mom. Then, after losing my job due to budget cuts, within a six-month time frame, one after another, both my parents and my brother were diagnosed with serious, chronic illnesses. And the new partner I had fallen madly in love with– the one all the raw parts of myself wanted so desperately to please and keep – couldn’t prioritize me. When he left, my heart broke anew, and I miscarried, without realizing I had been pregnant. I felt my soul was split wide open.

As I came face-to-face with my greatest fears, I knew I had to find the grace on the other side, or collapse into a victimized identity. I decided to dive straight down into my demons, and wrote a book about attachment and grief. Ultimately, I found several other contributors willing to share their stories of grief, and we got it published!

Writing the book emboldened me to shed my shame, and talk about these things in a way I had never thought I would feel safe doing. This led to creating the curriculum for my online courses in personal development, and building an online community for support. Much to my delight, both caught fire, and I have never looked back!


If you’re sick of walking on eggshells or chasing after an unattainable partner in your relationships, just click that link and learn how you can start creating a wildly fulfilling love life, in only 5 days, without having to spend a bunch of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy, with no tangible result.



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