Introduction and Reminders for Continuing Education


If you are a licensed creative arts therapist in the state of New York, then you are probably interested obtaining the continuing education contact hours for this course!

In order to obtain these contact hours you will need:

  • To complete ALL Lesson modules (there is a tracking system that monitors if you watched all lectures to their completion and opened all lesson modules, etc.).
  • To complete a course evaluation through Survey Monkey.
  • To complete a graded learning assessment (you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly; this score will trigger the release of your certificate by email).

Participants of this course will be able to identify the following on a multiple choice "quiz" and learning assessment:

  • Identify the correct descriptions of the reunion model and the detachment model for grief.
  • Identify the definition of “spiritual bypassing.”
  • Identify at least two mindfulness-based, creative arts therapies interventions for working with complicated grief.
  • Identify at least two myths about grief.
  • Identify two ways in which complicated grief differs from depression.

A reminder about self-study and continuing education:

A self-study course can only equal 1/3 of the required contact hours for your license renewal. So, if your license renews in three years, you will require 36 continuing education contact hours, thus a maximum of 12 of those hours can be self-study. The rest of your contact hours must be live events. This includes online webinars, which offers multiple times on a monthly basis.

All enrolled students will be updated on new live and self-study course launches. So keep an eye out for our newsletter!